Extras: Minutes

Update on 11 April

  • Polished up the blog and added in a new section (8. Others).

Update on 28 March
  • Went over and polished up pages of the blog to make it more presentable.

Update on 8-10 March
  • Analysed and collated survey results
  • Filled in Results page

Update on 2/3 March
  • Updated relevant parts of the blog
  • Initiated data collection
  • Embedded survey

Update on 25 February
  • Contacted health organisation, with poor results
  • Discussed alternative method of collecting data
  • Determined alternative method of data collection

Update on 20 February
  • Filled up Methods

Update on 15 February
  • A health organisation replied and we are going to be discussing about the details on the phone before arranging an interview.

Update on 6 February
  • Emailed a few hospitals and health organisations for interview with relevant people.

Update on 28-29 January
  • All Annexes are filled up. Introduction is filled up.
  • Collation of Literature Review summaries in progress. 

  Update on 26 January
  • Blog address has reverted the original one (sst2012-s101irs-c.blogspot.sg).
  • Literature Reviews and 4 Mind maps completed.

Update on 21 January
  • Tabs changed to be at the top.
  • Literature Reviews found and 4 Mind maps, one for each person, has been completed.

Update on 14 January
  • Blog has been edited to include all the components, although not all of them have been filled in (Under construction).
  • Schedule/Gantt Chart for the project has been planned out.
  • Starting to source for research journals for related data.

Update on 7 January
  • Discussed and confirmed group members' roles in the group

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