5. Conclusion

From our results and discussion, we conclude that more should be done to spread the word of the severity of diabetes. As diabetes has no cure so far, and everyone should take the necessary steps to prevent themselves from becoming statistics. As they say, better safe than sorry.

As diabetes has a profound effect on the patient, it is simply morally wrong to criticize them. One should always put themselves in the victim's shoes and know managing diabetes is not easy. Even with diabetes, the patient can live a normal life again.

To help manage the disease and live a normal life, having a balanced diet, eating foods low in fat and sugar, and exercising regularly all play a part. They should have a positive mindset and hang around the right people.

The public can also play a part in helping diabetics to manage the disease, mentally and psychologically. One should not ostracize diabetics and instead be friendly, talk to them and do not treat them differently from normal people.

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