1. Introduction

Diabetes is a condition where patients have a higher blood sugar level than normal. It is a common condition and affects 8.6% of the population in Singapore. This is an increase from 4.7% in 1984.[1] Diabetes affects people of all ages and races. Diabetes reduces a person's quality of life, his/her life expectancy and causes them and their families to experience a large economic burden on the health care system and on families. It is an important condition because there are many complications that can occur as a result of diabetes.[2] High-quality evidence exists for the efficacy of several current treatments in reducing morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes. Diabetics also have a severely restricted diet to avoid upsetting blood sugar levels.[3]

SOURCE :  http://www.lchdhealthcare.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Diabetes.jpg     

As diabetes can have a substantial impact on a patient's mental and psychological health, our project aims to find ways as to how the general public and people close to diabetes patients can help them have a positive mindset towards the disease, and ultimately motivate them to not allow the disease to dampen their spirits, motivate them to live healthy lifestyles and live their lives as they did before. As such, to collect data, we will be conducting surveys with fellow students and perhaps some parents or even teachers, if possible.

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