8. Others

Areas for Improvement
We could improve on our data collection by extending the data collection period for our survey as well as to get as much people from different walks of life to contribute to our survey to get a wide range of responses which will be better.

We could have also held interviews with the general public, health specialists and also diabetics to get more in-depth opinions and enhance our data collection survey results to get more accurate results and a wide variety of opinions from various people.

We could also improve on our teamwork and timeliness to achieve even better quality work.

Areas for Further Studies
We could further study and change the social stigma of diabetics and the opinions of the general public on diabetics to a more positive mindset. From there, we would take steps to remove the stigma and encourage diabetics to have a normal lifestyle like any other person so that they will not feel left out by the rest. We could collaborate with health organisations to launch campaigns to spread the word.

We could also like to find out in what other ways we could help diabetics live a normal and positive lifestyle as nobody really deserves to be left out from the rest. Ways like providing subsidized/free counselling sessions, giving talks and having campaigns could work.

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