3. Results

As of 9 March 2013, 4pm, we have received a total of 48 responses for our survey. Out of 48 responses, 4 responses are rejected, due to spam. The results are shown below.

1. Are you aware that there is no cure for diabetes yet?

Fig 1.1

As shown on the pie chart above, 39% of the respondents are not aware that there is no cure for diabetes.

2. Do you think it is right to judge people with diabetes?
Fig 1.2

As shown above, 100% of the respondents do not believe it is right to judge people with diabetes.

3. Do you think people with diabetes can live like normal people?

Fig 1.3

As shown above, 14% of the respondents think that people with diabetes cannot live like normal people.

4. Suppose you have meet a nice guy/girl, and you two become 'good' friends. He/she then tells you that he/she has diabetes. How would you react? 

Fig 1.4

This shows us that more than half the respondents (56%) will choose not to shun or reject the person and will continue the relationship and almost one-third (31%) of them will provide support for them. However, there is a minority of respondents (13%) that would prefer not to be with the patient.

5. Naturally, with this disease, it is important that patients adopt a healthy lifestyle. How do you think you can encourage diabetic patients to live a healthy lifestyle?

Most of the answers were to encourage and remind the patient to not eat sugary and fatty foods, eat more vegetables, have a balanced diet and lifestyle and exercise more. Also, there were responses that they should have more body checkups and listen to the doctor for medical advice on how to live healthy.

6. How would you encourage patients with this disease to look past it and live normal lives as they did before?

Most of the respondents gave very positive results for this question. Most respondents replied that even with diabetes, the person’s character does not change, they should be treated like any other person and they should be encouraged to live on positively. However, one or two respondents said that they might be rejected or shunned just because they have this illness.

7. What kind of mental and physiological impact do you think that diabetes would have on a patient?

Majority of the responses say that they would be shocked, and that they will be discouraged and demoralized and feel inferior to other people.

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