2. Methods

For data collection, we will conduct online surveys and interviews with fellow students in SST. As our project aims at the mental and psychological health of diabetic patients, it is feasible to ask students in SST, as we are going through bodily changes which may affect our mental and psychological state, so they have first-hand experience in such problems. Even if this is not the case, it is still possible to get their opinions on this subject.

Online surveys may be problematic as there will be people who will purposely sabotage and input false data, which is not what we want. However, it is the easiest way of collecting data from people, and only the minority of people would choose to sabotage. Even if they do, we should be able to analyse the data, identify the fake input and disregard it, so we do consider it as one of the most acceptable, effective choices.

Such questions that will be asked are :

  • Are you aware that there is no cure for diabetes yet? 
  • What kind of mental and psychological impact do you think that diabetes would have on a patient?
  • Do you think it is right to judge people with diabetes?
  • Do you think people with diabetes can live like normal people?
  • Suppose you have meet a nice guy/girl, and you two become good friends. He/she then tells you that he/she has diabetes. How would you react?
  • Naturally, with this disease, it is important that patients adopt a healthy lifestyle. How do you think you can encourage diabetic patients to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • How would you encourage patients with this disease to look past it and live normal lives as they did before?
After collecting the data, we will analyse it and put it into the necessary statistical charts, and publish the results in 3. Results.

Alternatively, click here for the survey.

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